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Repurposed wine barrel staves on steel. 

Made from aged oak barrels that once helped shape some of the world's most famous wines, B'LOON is an inside out perspective of the iconic Napa Valley. Over 36 barrels and 1,000 staves fit together to replicate a life sized hot air balloon, which can be seen exuberantly rising from the valley floor most mornings. The piece is 22 ft. tall and weighs approximately 4,000 lbs.  

B'LOON is on display at the Safeway Open tournament in Napa Valley from Oct. 2-8th 2017. 

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Safeway Open Tournament

REDUX project team

Keith Baldanza, Chiara Lesec, Andy Miller, Scott Haycock, Vincent Connors, Dave Wedding, Daniel Itherburn, Carter Franklin, Sam Ross, Matthew Melnyk

_interior structure

_interior view

_exterior view