Electronic Daisy Installation - Poetic Kinetics

The Electric Daisy was designed & built by LA based design group Poetic Kinetics for Insomniac Events and debuted at the 2012 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. The sculpture stands 140’ tall at full extension and features 45,000 programmable LEDs.

Poetic Kinetics Project Team

Patrick Shearn, Cynthia Washburn, Neal Everett, Syd Klinge, Juli Gudmundson, AJ Freysteinson, Justin Fortier, Derek Welsh, Bryan Foley, Chris Day, Michael P., DeVon, Vanessa Bonet, Sean Markle, Jacques Lesec, Nathan Meyers, Kristin Samantha Eaton, Avo Soltes, James Peterson.

The flower is comprised of ten foot tall water-jet cut coroplast pedals and a steel interior framework. The pedals are reinforced with fiberglass tubing to help withstand the turbulent desert winds. The flower was then mounted to a man-lift to navigate the event field, becoming an interactive visual art piece that embodies the vibrance and overall spirit of the carnival.

Built by Poetic Kinetics: www.poetickinetics.com