Eli Broad Museum of Contemporary Art

The Broad Art Foundation will house a traveling collection of contemporary art pieces from around the world as well as feature the vast personal collection of entrepreneur Eli Broad. The design looks to investigate a variant to the “veil” enclosure strategy. It features a semi-transparent louver system that serves to regulate a visitor’s view not only between gallery spaces, but also views of the city. The concept is reinforced by a rigorous circulation path that sometimes navigates between and around gallery spaces while other times putting the occupant back in touch with the city. The result invokes a variety of experiential atmospheres within each of the museum’s numerous galleries.

russell thompson

collaborative work
jacques lesec / paul stoelting

_conceptual render

_model photo


The circulation originates from a quasi-spiral, bound within a square. It emphasizes the potential for continuous movement and the repetition of a choice in direction. We then produce spatial definition by allowing the circulation path to become a plane that implies a perimeter, division, or unity, and is used as a conceptual base from which to drive the project. The interest in this method of forming volume and solid/void relationships from a pathway lies with the potential to generate spaces in which difference and formal idiosyncracy are sought.

_circulation diagram

_enclosure rendering

_mixed media