SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion

This seminar provided the schematic design for SCI-Arc’s 2011 temporary pavilion for the annual graduation ceremony. The final concept selected from this course entitled “Netscape” was built by students and faculty members Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu of Oyler Wu Collaborative. The pavilion creates a sail-like canopy of rope and fabric that floats above the audience. Later design development of the concept incorporated fabric louvers designed to provide shade for the venue’s specific time and date.

dwayne oyler / jenny wu

pavilion schematic design team
dwayne oyler / jenny wu / casey benito / duygun inal / tyler mcmartin / bryant suh / kyle von hasseln / liz von hasseln / paul cambon / jacques lesec

_progress model

_final model

Built by Oyler Wu Collaborative: